We, at Alderley Coatings ACL FZCO have been protecting industrial equipments and infrastructure around the UAE for over 20 years.
From oil rigs and tank farms to bridges, car parks and buildings, Alderley Coatings ACL FZCO provides wide range of protective coating services along with technical service and support to fulfill specific customer requirements.

Some of our works done, but not limited to, are:

Protective Coating to Aweer Power House- 6x1500MW Turbine
Protective Coating to Dowell Schulumberger Acid Tank
Protective Coating to RTA Bridge
Protective Coating to Scott Bader Chemical Tank Farm
Protective Coating to Shell Oil Tank
Protective coatings to U-Stamp Vessel
Protective Coating To Etisalat Monopole For West Coast Engineering, Canada
Protective Coating To Pipline Conveyor, Mitsubishi, AL AWIR Power Station
Protective Coating To Frac Tanks